Affordable indoor trips to go on in the Netherlands

Maybe you live in the Netherlands or maybe you visit friends or family there from time to time or you just go there for your holiday. It doesn’t matter why you go there or what time of the year you go, you’d probably want to do something fun while you’re there. So I hereby give you a few indoor trips you might like to go on.


You can go to the Van Gogh Museum, tickets are below €20,- and for minors – under 18 – the tickets are free! You can look at a lot of his well known and lesser known art, and learn more about Vincent van Gogh himself.

Another option is ‘het Mondriaanhuis’, here you can look at some amazing art made by Piet Mondriaan. This museum isn’t very big but it’s nice to be able to look at some of his art. The prices are all below €12,50 and vary per age.

One more museum is the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. Their tickets are also below €20,- and they have a thing called ‘Moco Museum korting’. This is the discount you get when you buy a ticket in the off peak hours. You get a €4,- discount which means your tickets will be €15,50 instead of €19,50. They also have cheaper prices for students and teens! The Moco Museum also has a variety of art shows, so go see what they have to offer if you’re interested!


Then we have SeaLife, which is a huge aquarium in Scheveningen. SeaLife has many different locations all over the world so you might already know something about it, maybe you’ve been there before. Tickets for SeaLife are also below €20,- which makes it a reasonable price for what you get to see there, the small indoor activities and the fact that for some people going there counts as some sort of collectible. Some people actually go to every single one in the world, they sometimes even take souvenirs to remember their time there, maybe it’s something you would want to do as well?


And then we have the most basic option here. It’s basic but fun, shopping. In the Netherlands we have a lot of indoor shopping centers such as Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, which is a mall also set all over the world. We have Hoog Catharijne, which is set near the biggest train station in the Netherlands, so it’s easily accessible and a lot of fun! You can find nearly every shop you’re looking for there, varying from Asian supermarkets to a Primark, Bershka or a game store, they have almost everything!