4 Interesting Tourist Destinations in Pontianak

As one of the areas traversed by the equator, pontianak indonesia does have exciting tourist destinations to visit. This equatorial city has a variety of exciting tourist objects ranging from nature, educational to culinary tourism.

The diversity of tourist attractions in Pontianak makes this city often the choice for tourists who want to take a vacation. Here is the full review to find out the exciting tourist objects in Pontianak.

Recommended Interesting Tourist Destinations in Pontianak

As a city traversed by the equator, Pontianak does have beautiful natural potential. The tourist objects in this city range from nature tourism, history, and education, to religion. Well, here are some recommendations for exciting tourist destinations in Pontianak.

1. Sinka Island Park

First recommendation for interesting tourist objects in Pontianak is Sinka Island Park. This one tourist destination combines two concepts, modern and nature, with slick and superb construction.

There are also several exciting rides to visit in this tourist area, such as Simping Island, Sinka Zoo, and Bajau Beach. In several spots in this tourist attraction area, tourists are also allowed to give food to animals.

2. Kijing Beach

Kijing Beach is also a favorite tourist destination for tourists while on vacation in Pontianak. This beach offers beautiful and charming natural scenery. On this beach, tourists can relax while sunbathing and enjoying the soothing waves.

Tourists will also be presented with a pristine and vast stretch of white sand. In addition, this beach is also a favorite spot for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

3. Pasi Natural Cultural Heritage

Pontianak also has a natural, cultural heritage in which there are a lot of biotic potentials, such as mountain, river, and lake ecosystems. This Pasi natural cultural reserve is located at the top of a hill about 920 meters above sea level. It offers cool air and beautiful natural views.

Based on the classification of Schmidt and Ferguson, this mini nature reserve which has 263 mm of rainfall and 55% humidity per year is classified as type A. The naturalness of this natural cultural reserve is also very well preserved with various flora and fauna.

4. Singkawang Blue Lake

No less beautiful than Lake Kahyangan in pekanbaru indonesia, Blue Lake Singkawang in Pontianak is also a tourist attraction. The natural panorama served on this former gold mining lake is very beautiful and charming.

As the name implies, this lake has strikingly blue water that creates a unique impression in the eyes of tourists. The natural scenery around Singkawang Blue Lake is also still wild and beautiful.

Some of the tourist attractions above are highly recommended to visit when on vacation to Pontianak. With so many choices of tourist destinations in this equatorial city, you are free to choose whether you want to take a break or to enjoy nature tourism, educational tourism, religious tourism, or historical tourism.