Milford Sound Cruise

Located in the southern area of ​​New Zealand, Milford Sound provides breathtaking views of the Fiordland National Park. Rocky cliffs, green hills, mountains with snowy peaks, and seas with cliffs and hills that are “arranged” beautifully. Milford Sound is a destination that spoil your eyes. One of the things to enjoy is by taking a cruise for 1 hour 45 minutes. Sufficient time to enjoy the view from Milford Wharf Visitor Center to approach the Tasman Sea.

In Milford Sound, the highest mountain appears in the ocean. At this location there are also two waterfalls with a height of more than 150 meters. Imagine going through hills and mountains with views of nature, another beauty that looks like the world in the film Lord of the Rings. Here are a number of highlights that make Milford cruising worth doing.

Bowen Falls

161 meters high waterfall clearly visible since the beginning …