Backpacking Tips and Budget Vacation to macau

If you happen to be traveling around Hong Kong, why not visit macau for a while? Afraid that your budget is not enough? Relax, in this European nuanced city you can enjoy many things without having to pay a large extra cost. Come on, backpacking to macau!

macau Travel Hacks

For the first time – or have ever, but not yet known – to macau, there are some travel hacks that are very useful when traveling there.

Cheap Way to macau

There are several ways to get to macau, one of which is by ferry from Hong Kong. Although there are a lot of ferries moving back and forth from macau to Hong Kong and vice versa, the ships are always crowded and much in demand. If you do not have plans to stay overnight, it’s better to order a ticket to go home when you arrive in macau. This is to avoid running out of ferry tickets back to Hong Kong. If you are afraid of lack of time to travel in macau, buy the last ferry ticket scheduled for midnight.

If you don’t depart from Hong Kong or get seasick, you can choose cheap flights from Jakarta to macau. The price of budget airline tickets to macau is quite competitive with ticket prices to Hong Kong. During low season, you can ride AirAsia (transit in Kuala Lumpur) for under Rp1.5 million or ride Scoot (transit in Singapore) for under Rp1.7 million! Cheap, right? Check more cheap flights to macau here.

Bring MOP and HKD Currency

The official currency in macau is MOP, but if you only have HKD in your pocket, it doesn’t matter. You can still trade with the Hong Kong currency. Even so, if you pay with HKD money you will be able to get a MOP refund. If you don’t want to lose your HKD money.

Take a Free Bus

There are several transportation options to go around macau, one of the most frequently used by tourists is taxis. However, taking a taxi will most likely cost you money. Try to pick up the shuttle bus belonging to the hotel or resort there, it’s free! Take a bus from the port to a stop close to your tourist Macau destination, then continue the journey on foot or take a public bus. More efficient?

Tasting Free Cake Samples

Want to try authentic macau culinary but have your money limited? Quiet! There are a lot of typical macau pastry sellers around Senado Square and the Ruins of St. Paul’s who gave free cake samples to try. Not only can you taste a cake, you can also be full, you know, because there are so many shops and types of cake.

Cheap lodging in macau

For those who are smitten in love with macau and want to spend an extra 1-2 days there, you can find cheap hotels in macau. Some cheap hotels you can find in the city center like Guia Hotel which is not far from the Ruins of St. Paul’s and macau Museum. Or there is also the Grandview Hotel which is close to Taipa Village.

Even the macau Tourism Agency itself provides cheap lodging options on its site for tourists who want to spend the night in macau. These accommodations are generally in the form of guest houses, which means you can all feel living in the native macau environment. Exciting?

 All-round free in macau

Honestly, the beauty of macau during the day and the glitter at night can be enjoyed by anyone without spending a single penny, you know. European-style colonial buildings from the Portuguese heritage, historical places, until every corner of the city can be a free tourist destination for you.

Senado Square

You could say Senado Square is a must place visited by all tourists in macau. Its location in the middle of the city and looks amazing beautiful both day and night make this town square never quiet. Not just photos, here you can shop, eat, and rest your feet while planning your next travel agenda.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

Not “afdol” if you go to macau but don’t visit the Ruins of St. Paul (Ruins of St. Paul’s). This was once the largest church building in macau. But because of fires and hurricanes, this church has only its front. People who come to macau definitely don’t want to miss seeing it in person, and certainly photos, one of UNESCO’s recognized historic sites.

Camoes Garden

From the Ruins of St. Paul’s frenetic, try to venture into the quieter Camoes Park or Camoes Garden. The oldest park in macau is suitable to be visited in the late afternoon to enjoy the quiet walks among the big trees. Flowers on either side, small hills and fountains in the middle of the park make this place one of the favorites of locals and tourists.

Taipa Village

Taipa Village offers the warmth of a modern rural atmosphere that is thick with a fusion of Portuguese and Chinese culture. This special area that was developed as a tourism center that elevates the originality of macau can be explored by foot. In the village there are various forms of beautiful pastel-colored colonial houses with flower gardens around it.

macau Tower

Close your adventure in macau by admiring the beauty around macau Tower especially at night. If you happen to go for a walk in September or November, you can also enjoy fireworks and culinary festivals around macau Tower. If there is no festival, seeing the tallest building in macau from a distance can also be an impressive cover for a trip in this Asian-flavored Asian city.

Not only have to spend more money to be able to visit macau. Free things with travel hacks above can realize your desire to visit there. So when do you want to go to macau?