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Who doesn’t want to travel the world? For those who love to travel, traveling around the world will be their biggest dream. Perhaps a few years earlier you would have paid in installments to go on vacation to different countries. But for now, this wish should be put on hold due to the pandemic.

There are many foreign tourist destinations that you can visit. Do not travel alone, you can learn a lot from the OnlineXperience virtual tour as you are accompanied by an experienced guide.

For those of you who want to travel the world via virtual tours, check out these must-see tourist destination recommendations, let’s go!

Old Town Tour and Learn Culture in Ljubljana

City tours are an interesting option for virtual travel destinations, as you will be lulled into the beauty of a city’s architecture. Try to book a virtual tour of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. The trip begins by exploring the beautiful government building, as it is built with modern architecture.

One of them is the Ljubljana City Hall, which houses a collection of Ljubljana art and history. Next, head to St. Nicholas Cathedral, an eye-catching city landmark with its green dome and twin towers. You are also invited to the Farmers Market, the Green Dragon Statue, and the Cobblers Bridge.

Explore the exotic Fort Amer

If you want to travel to exotic places, try India, to be precise, to Jaipur to explore the beauty of Amer Fort. The building near Maota Lake offers the beauty of forts, palaces, halls and gardens whose architecture is a mixture of Hindu and Mughal styles.

You are invited to see the Hall of Mirrors, a mirrored wall in the Amer Fort hall. After that, the journey continues by relaxing in Sukh Niwas, the garden used by the king to meet with women. Exciting!

Fairytale walks in Kalemegdan fortress

Do you want to walk in a fairy tale? Just join OnlineXperience’s virtual tour of Serbia, that is, Kalemeg and Fortress in the city of Belgrade. Through this virtual tour, you will be pampered with ancient fortresses that resemble castles like in a fairy tale.

Besides the beautiful building, this fortress also offers a view of the hills and rivers. One activity not to be missed when you come here is watching the sunset from the top of the fortress. You are also invited to explore the Winner’s Monument, Despot Tower, Nebojsa Tower, and Zindan Gate.

Exciting trips in Copenhagen

The virtual tour is not only about visiting famous places in other countries, but also about getting to know the history of how the city was formed to the history of the buildings there. If you like that information, join a virtual tour of Copenhagen.

This virtual tour is attractively packaged as it is presented in a narrative form with experienced tour guides. You are invited to explore the city of Copenhagen. They are even invited to be like the locals!

Adventure in the heart of Oslo

Known as a city that costs a lot of money, Oslo remains a dream destination for many people. Because this city offers an impressive city tour experience. Taking a virtual tour of Oslo invites you on an adventure to explore historic buildings in the heart of the city.

For example, a visit to the town hall, a government building, and a gallery displaying Norwegian history and culture. Every year this building bears witness to the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. You are also invited to Slottet or the Royal Palace, the residence of the Norwegian royal family with 173 rooms!

Explore the beauty of the Alhambra Palace

Are you a lover of Korean dramas and Hyun Bin? You probably know the Korean drama ‘Memories of Alhambra’. Now you can explore the filming location through a virtual tour of the Alhambra Palace. Not only seeing the beauty, you can also learn about culture and religion through this virtual tour.

The corners of the Alhambra Palace explored in this virtual tour, including the reception room and the official royal court, the courtyard where the ambassadors and diplomats were received, the meeting place of the royal council, to the official residence of the sultans. and the royal family. .

Explore Taif, the coldest place in Saudi Arabia

Do you want a different vacation experience? Choose a virtual tour of Taif, the coldest place in Saudi Arabia. Through this virtual tour, an experienced guide will take you around the city to visit historical places.

Starting from the Shubra Palace, which is a museum with a collection of historical art and artifacts from the pre-Islamic era to the present day, from the Abdullah bin Abbas Mosque, a rose water factory with a rose garden, to the traditional market of the Old Souk. It houses various crafts, including dates.

Through the various virtual tours above, you can still feel the joy of traveling the world. Activities at home are even more useful because you can add experience and make this activity your next vacation schedule.

Practically choose the virtual tour of your dreams with OnlineXperience. There are many types of local and international tourist destinations that offer exciting vacations online.